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Group introduction


Product development specialists special electronics manufacturing services

King Brother was established in 1997, is the design, manufacturing as a means to serve as the core operation of the Group of High-Tech technology enterprise, is committed to become a "world leader in electronic circuits connected. " Headquartered in Shenzhen, development and production in Shenzhen, Huizhou, and Xi'an, sales and service network throughout the global electronics product

design heart. Product development to provide customers with PCB design, PCB rapid manufacturing, SMT processing, assembly and testing, and vertical integration of hardware integration solutions, is the most characteristic of electronic manufacturing services provider.

Focus on small and diverse R & D focus

With ten years of R & D-based customer service experience, King Brother built to adapt to more variety, small batch product design, production and services flexible platform to develop a number of complex electronic circuit industry chain type of technology, production and service teams, with more than 30 countries, more than 6,000 joint customers to establish a good for the relationship. Core electronics

manufacturing services products have been widely used in communications, industrial, medical, power, steam cars, computers, and defense industry and other fields.

Harmonious development of clean production technology innovation

King Brother always adhere to the "technology leadership, manufacturing excellence, special services"strategy, quality and innovation as the core heart, set up a systematic organizational structure, improve the quality assurance systems, the use of advanced enterprise resource planning systems and customer service systems, and continuously promote the enterprises to international, information

technology steadily forward, power technology innovation new. In the energy saving, low-carbon environment, caring staff, a harmonious community and public welfare, etc., have become the practice line model of corporate social responsibility.
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